Election Tribunal Judge Accuses Minister of Hurling Life Threats

Election Tribunal Judge Accuses Minister of Hurling Life Threats

Retired area and times decide Kazim Ali Malik, of the main one-guy Lahore selection tribunal, stated in a Television talkshow: “I understand by whom he (Mr Rashid) is (attempting to) scare me.To whom he gave the message.”

I’ve understood The consensus gained ire of the PMLN and Pervaiz Rashid stated that the top of the tribunal was worried more about their own projection in the place of justice while giving the view and called it partial.

Pervaiz Rashid
Election tribunal judge accuses minister of hurling life threats

His stop broke on Wednesday when Mr Rashid’s accusations were repeated by Punjab Law Minister Rana Sana ullah and stated the tribunal mind had individual difficulties with the PMLN which had dropped to provide his daughter an event solution. As Anti Corruption institution director general, included Rana Sana, Mr Malik had issues which led from the Rights Committee of the Punjab Assembly to his summoning. Terming the consensus a spot about the impartial judiciary, the provincial minister mentioned had there been any judge apart from Kazim Ali Malik,

He’d not have noticed the situation (due to individual problems). Answering the accusations, the judge told a few Television stations if Rana Sana demonstrated what he’d claimed he might decide. He explained previously he’d provided 30 decisions towards the PML-N to be biased however the celebration never charged him. He might choose about helping a notice about the minister after getting his reaction and explained he’d created a notice to Pervaiz Rashid.