Nawaz Govt Successful in Turning Economy Around: Bloomberg

Nawaz Govt Successful in Turning Economy Around: Bloomberg

In a recent report, one of the most credible economic monitoring organization Bloomberg has lauded the Nawaz Sharif government for successfully turning the economy of Pakistan around.

Report said that the civilian government faced challenges on the political and security front yet was able to improve income and decrease the budgetdeficit.

Nawaz Sharif

According to the report, the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) government took charge of the country in highly unfavorable situation as energy, balance of payments and economic crises were faced by the country yet it has been able to put the country on the path of economic progress. 

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Report says that reduction in the oil prices, increase in foreign remittances and expansion in consumer spending led to the economic turnaround. Corporate income has increase while stock exchange has also touched new heights, according to the report. However, the report suggests strong tax reforms for sustainable growth in future.