WHO Issues Guidelines for Safe Ramazan Practices

WHO Issues Guidelines for Safe Ramazan Practices

Amid the unprecedented coronavirus outbreak, World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued guidelines on safe practices during the holy month of Ramzan to limit the spread of the deadly pathogen.

Physical distancing measures, including the closing of mosques, monitoring of public gatherings and other restrictions on movement are among some of the guidelines.

WHO has also urged older and people with pre-existing medical conditions to not attend any religious gathering as they are more vulnerable to contracting the coronavirus.

Earlier on Thursday, Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) urged the federal government to review its decision regarding congregational prayers at mosques during Ramazan, saying that the government should not “push the country into a test it is not prepared for”.

Addressing a news conference in Lahore, PMA President Ashraf Nizami and other senior doctors also requested the chief justice of Pakistan and other state institutions to review the recent decision taken in consultation with Ulema to allow congregational prayers.