PML-N Mulls Activating FIA, NAB in Punjab

PML-N Mulls Activating FIA, NAB in Punjab

Following the charge of several opposition political leaders on charges of corruption, the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is under significant pressure to turn the torch of liability onto itself. 

Subsequent statements from PPP leaders Asif Ali Zardari and Yousuf Raza Gilani, denouncing the PMLN for what they call victimisation in new days, appear to have caught the PMLN offguard.

PML-N mulls activating FIA, NAB in Punjab

ANP leader Asfandyar Wali, in addition to people of the MQM, have echoed problems that the ruling party appears to be alone immune within the spate of accountability. In hard-hitting statements given on consecutive nights, all three functions have required across-the-board liability all around the place, such as the government. To counter this political resentment, places near the PML-N management state that the party continues to be discussing the chance of triggering both the FIA and NAB . “Top leaders have reviewed this problem with the PM in closed door meetings in the last couple of days,” a well-connected party official told Dawn on condition of privacy. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar – who is also considered the PM’s “right-hand man” – confirmed that the “ongoing push against corruption and corrupt practices can’t be selective and has to become [performed] across-the-table, whether somebody belongs to the government or weight parties”. Senator Dar refused the perception that the federal government had to do anything with all the collection of objectives for law enforcement agencies. “The PMLN government, from day-one, has unequivocally espoused across-the-panel responsibility and will be offering itself for available scrutiny at any forum.”

Eventually, the PPP struck back, stating that the ruling party wasn’t going after PML-N’s ministers in Punjab Rana Mashood and Rana Sanaullah, have been proven to have accepted bribes or was implicated in cases. “[Self-accountability] could be the only way to properly counter the pressure being exercised by opposition parties,” stated a PML-N officebearer privy to such discussions. “Under the prevailing conditions, if the anticorruption watchdogs arrest a number of some other person connected to the PML-N or politicians, it will get a considerable ways in allaying the impact that we are somehow resistant to the much-hyped national campaign against corruption.” After Mr Zardari’s accusations, where he directly charged the PM of participating in a witch hunt and deciding political vendetta, the PMLN command is not soft to come back up work, having an adequate reaction -bearer said.

ANP chief Asfandyar Wali too accused the federal government on Tuesday of defaming those parties who had paid one of the most in the combat terrorism, an evident mention of their own ANP, the PPP and MQM. The PMLN is no stranger to such techniques. The same situation arose in Punjab, which encouraged Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to get rid of Rana Sanaullah and hang his respected private secretary Doctor Touqir Shah, although, both later returned to their jobs last year in August. Observed political analyst Dr Hassan Askari-Rizvi and the notion agreed that law enforcement organizations were simply targeting three provinces and mentioned this needed to be fixed in order to avoid damaging fallout. “In Lahore, it is simply Qasim Zia of the PPP who is being examined, an undeniable fact which makes people wonder why only him, why don’t you others also,” he said.