Your Guide To Sleeve Tattoos

Your Guide To Sleeve Tattoos

Tattoos are more widespread currently than ever. This generation is bolder then all the previous generations and this generation is not afraid to put some ink on their skin.

They love to put art on their body. Art that reflect a part of their life and have great personal relevance. Each tattoo that they put on their body has some meaning that they want to be with them forever. The barbed wire tattoo across the wrist or the flying doves on the forearms or the Hokusai-style wave design or jigsaws or Skulls or any other piece of art that they put on their body reflects a stage of their life. The number of tattooed people is rising very rapidly and the trend of sleeve tattoos is rising along with it.

What is a Sleeve Tattoo?
A Sleeve tattoo which is also called tattoo sleeve is a collection of smaller tattoos or a couple of large tattoos that covers the arm of a person from the shoulder to the wrist. As the tattoo acts a sleeve because it covers the entire arm that’s why it is called as sleeve tattoo. “Getting sleeved” is a popular term among tattoo artists which means covering your whole arm with tattoos. The same term can be used when covering the entire leg with tattoos.

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Half sleeve is when only half of your arm is covered with tattoos mostly from the shoulder to the elbow or the elbow to the wrist. Similarly the term Quarter sleeve can be used when quarter of your arm is covered with tattoo. Tattoo sleeves are getting so popular that even clothing lines are making such apparels that resemble tattoo sleeves. They print designs on transparent mesh fabric that can be worn then.

Getting your Sleeve Tattoo:
Now let’s suppose after getting to know what sleeve tattoo is, you want to put some ink on your arm too. This is the first time you are inking your skin and don’t know what to do. Who to go to put design the tattoo and what to tell them put on as a tattoo. You are confused but desperately want to ink your skin. The first thing you need to do is find a tattoo artist. Research on social sites and find people who are beautiful tatted up and get in contact with them and ask them about their tattoo artist or simply ask people in your social circle that are already tatted up. This method was suggested by a popular California tattoo artist who calls himself Sweet Cicely to be the best one.

Once you’ve found multiple artists examine their work and select the one who you think will better understand your idea and concept. Tattoo artists love to ink original concepts and bring them to life through ink. But also have a raw image of your design in your mind while examining different artists. If your designs are of a retro pin up girl then you can’t go to an artist who is famous for his clear Japanese motifs. So choosing a tattoo artist is the first and most important job when inking a sleeve.

Clarity of Your Idea:
Once you’ve found an artist that you think would be fit to get you your Sleeve tattoo the way you want it, sit down and discuss your idea and concept. Make sure you are vividly clear about what you want them to draw for you. As they are professionals also keep your ears open to their suggestions. Once you and your tattoo artists both have an explicit idea of what has to be drawn, you should have him draw rough drafts of it.

Sleeve Tattoos is Art
Sleeve tattoo is a form of art that lives with you all the time as it becomes a part of you. It reminds and motivates you through all stages of your live while telling your story and defining you to other people who see your beautiful sleeve tattoo.

Body art is on the rise and it is rising very rapidly as people with tattoos are accepted all over now and people now are not afraid of what other people will think of their tattoos. If you have an idea of art that want to ink on your arm then go and have your sleeve tattoo and let it define you and your personality because art is gets us going through the hardest of time and a sleeve tattoo will do that.

Author: Fizza Babar