Fourth Pakistani Bodybuilder Dies In 17 Days

Fourth Pakistani Bodybuilder Dies In 17 Days

Another bodybuilder died in Punjab on Monday over excessive use of steroids, media reported has learned. 

Matloob Haider, a resident of Gujranwala, is the fourth bodybuilder to have died in the province over the last 17 days.

Fourth Pakistani bodybuilder dies in 17 days
Fourth Pakistani bodybuilder dies in 17 days

Rizwan, a painter by profession, met the same fate in Gujranwala last week. On Sunday, Humayun Khurram, a Pakistani bodybuilder who won gold medal in the South Asian Bodybuilding Championship, passed away in Lahore in mysterious circumstances.

According to family members of Khurram, he died when apparently his food trachea broke while having meal.


The family claimed that Khurram did not take any steroid. Dr Salman Rafique, special adviser to Punjab Chief Minister, said that he had already notified the district administrations of Lahore, Gujranwala and Sialkot to take necessary steps to prevent such incidents.

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“We are trying to determine the actual cause of deaths of bodybuilders,” he said, adding that whoever involved in selling prohibited steroids would be taken to task. 

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According to our correspondent, Ustad Riaz and Shani were accused of selling banned steroids in Gujranwala and Lahore respectively. 

Another prominent bodybuilder Hamid Ali, nicknamed Gujju, passed away in Lahore in similar circumstances. Gujju, who wanted to become Mr Pakistan, died on April 3, died just a few days after featuring in South Asian contest where he claim bronze medal.

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