Gas Tariff Increased by Up to 67pc

Gas Tariff Increased by Up to 67pc

The federal government improved by four to 67 percent for various groups on Friday gas tariff. Additionally it lifted tax prices on all oil products to permit a partial decrease in their charges for September’s month. 

A government official told Beginning the escalation in tax prices on oil products might deliver one more income of Rs10-12bn for that government.

Gas tariff
Gas tariff increased by up to 67pc

These are greatest-actually duty prices on petroleum products. The tariff for common business, energy and fertilizer industries continues to be improved by 23pc to Rs600 per MMBTU from that of CNG and Rs488 to Rs700 per-unit from Rs600. Significantly less than one-per cent has improved by 9.9pc to Rs600 per-unit from Rs573 per-unit per MMBTU for power plants;

from Rs637 by 4.7pc to Rs700 as well as for concrete business the price for industrial customers to Rs750 from Rs743. The greatest increase was designed for fertilizer supply stock. 66.7pc has lifted by 63pc to that for brand new crops and Rs200 per MMBTU the tariff for crops to Rs72 per unit.