Science Students Are Always Given Importance Over Arts Students

Science Students Are Always Given Importance Over Arts Students

I have always heard that science students are the future of Pakistan or the World, but then what is the purpose of being an arts student? Most of the people are having old typical thinking that arts students can do not a single thing for their Country but, in actual this is their illiteracy which always forces them to show a despicable attitude toward arts students.

Science students only have knowledge about sciences they can’t bear tough debate on issues because of their lack of knowledge about the world of politics and social issues.

Science Students Are Always Given Importance Over Arts Students

They are only master of their field and arts students are master of everything. They enjoy life and make themselves experienced. Only an arts student can give you a toughest time. Most of the CSS officers have studied arts and now they are much superior as compared to science students who are jobless after studying sciences and then they start interfering in arts field when their science subjects don’t give them anything except shame. 

There are many opportunities for arts students they work in banks, media organizations, parliament, senate, police, government offices and so on, and on the other hand what science students get after completing their education?? Ah nothing! After getting education they just become engineer or a doctor, they can’t go in another field because they have no knowledge about anything else except sciences. Now most of them are even jobless and still arts students have no value in the world.

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If student’s will not study arts then who will work in our parliaments, senates, media organizations? Will doctors, engineers provide new laws or constitution to the Country? Will science students work in our media organizations for the awareness of public? Or Will they work for government and private offices or in banks to manage the country needs? Boorish and uncivilized people will never be able to understand the value and need of arts student.  It is not a shame to being a part of arts field in point of fact it is an honor that you are expertise to take part in government organizations.

A person’s future is not based on science and arts subjects but on the ability of ones and fate. Science and arts doesn’t matter, it is your knowledge, interest and ability that counts or makes you worthy for some superlative post. So, stop discouraging arts students that they have no importance or they are not the future of Country, they are, in fact they are far more important for the country as compared to science students who are still jobless after getting their degree in sciences.

Author: Zara Mansoor Islamabad