India: Elephant Visits Betel Shop Daily To Eat Special ‘Paan’

India: Elephant Visits Betel Shop Daily To Eat Special ‘Paan’

People in India as well as Pakistan share a common habit of eating betel leaf, popularly known as ‘paan’. However, an elephant was discovered in India who visits a betel shop daily to get his daily dose of paan.

The elephant, named Madi, lives in Madhya Pradesh and is known for such unique behaviour. Madi loves paan and likes eating it after the meal. The shop owner told that Madi frequently walks up to his favourite shop to eat the special paan.

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Caretaker of the animal told media that Madi has been consuming paan for the past 14 years. The elephant is fond of the unique taste of paan from this particular shop. The shopkeeper prepares a special jumbo-sized paan for Madi daily for which the elephant travels all the way to his shop.

As it can be seen in this video, Madi the elephant walks to the betel shop where the local shop owner has already prepared special paan in large size for him. The shopkeeper rolls the betel leaf in order to place it in his mouth, just like any paan lover would prefer to eat it. The shop owner then touches his trunk and lets him go back.