LahoreLahore is the city of culture and entertainment in Pakistan. It is a must visit for all the people coming in from abroad. Lahore has so much to offer from Mughal architecture to Modern cafes, Art galleries to Cultural heritage and great food.

Lahore is the capital city of the province of Punjab in Pakistan. It is densely populated and one of the most lively cosmopolitans in the world. Lahore has so much to offer with its wide array of history and culture. Lahore is very rich in cultural heritage because the city has witnessed the Mughal time period at its peak.

The Mughal architecture is still visible and adds to what the city has to offer. Lahore is divided in two parts one is the old city and the other is new. The old city has the Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, Minar-e-Pakistan and a lot of other buildings and mosques.

There is also a Gurdwara situated right next to the Badshahi mosque which is very prestigious to the Sikh community all over the world. Along with these sites there are some great restaurants and a food street including Cukoo’s Café and Andaz from where you can enjoy the view of the magnificent Badshahi mosque and enjoy great Lahore food. Whereas the new city is concerned it is modern and fast.

There are some really good art galleries for art lovers, museums and a wide range of cafes. Lahore’s culture also moves around food because Lahoris are food lovers and every now and then there are new places opening up. These restaurants provide with great ambiance and also great food.

Shopping is also a lot of fun in Lahore because it offers all sorts of shopping depending on one’s budget. Travel Lahore is not difficult at all. There is local transport available but it is always better to rent a car and see all of these places because the cars will be comfortable and the drivers would know all the places. You just need to make a list of sites that you want to visit. Lahore has to offer a wide range of hotels which include five start hotels like the Pearl Continental and others like Avari. Lahore also has an international airport.