How to Enable 3G on your Phone?

How to Enable 3G on your Phone?

It is the trial period for 3G service in Pakistan and many companies are offering free 3G service for limited time. And to make most of it, you should have a smartphone that supports 3G.

3G on your phone
Enable 3G on your phone

And if you own such a phone then you need to enable 3G before you can enjoy the perks of newly born 3G service in Pakistan.

Here is a step by step guide for activating 3G mode in your phone;

STEP # 1:

Pick any of the following in the “Network Settings” or “Mobile Networks” on your smartphone,

a) GSM/WDCMA (auto) mode

b) 2G + 3G mode

c) GSM / UMTS mode

d) Dual Mode

STEP # 2:

Once you are done with this and enter a 3G coverage area, the icon next to the ‘network signals’ will change to any of the following:

a) 3G

b) 3

c) H

d) H+

STEP # 3:

Enjoy 3G service for the first time ever in Pakistan.