Here’s How WWE Legend ‘The Undertaker’ Looks Like Outside The Ring

Here’s How WWE Legend ‘The Undertaker’ Looks Like Outside The Ring

World Wrestling Entertainment icon Undertaker’s career has spanned more than 25 years. But considering his age and other factors, 2017 has slated to be his last year in the wrestling with no surprise return, to say the least.

The possibility of the Undertaker’s eventual retirement has been a topic for discussion for several years. While the Undertaker continued to mount up wins at WrestleMania and his work schedule decreased, many thought an eventual loss would have led to retirement. And that happened in the last WrestleMania edition when he lost to Roman Reigns.

The Undertaker had done everything and should have been ready to leave the WWE. At age 51, the aging Phenom was expected to continue, but couple of defeats perhaps brought down curtain on his career.

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In today’s WWE, there has been an influx of great superstars who have brought new life to the product. The roster is very different than when the Undertaker was the big dog in the yard. It’s a younger roster with new main event talents. An aging Deadman may not called contemporary great anymore.

But do you know how does the Phenom actually looks like when he doesn’t don his WWE outfit. That may surprise you a bit. Scroll down for the pictures that you must not have seen so commonly.