Baadshah Pehalwan Khan Biography and Pictures

Baadshah Pehalwan Khan Biography and Pictures

I have wrestled in many international pro wrestling shows across Europe (France, Spain, Belgium, Corsica). 

baadshah pehalwan khan

Baadshah Pehalwan Khan
Height: 5ft9
Weight: 223lbs
From: Rawalpindi – PAKISTAN
He’s the only Pakistani pro wrestler representing Pakistan in pro wrestling. Pakistan Will Rise or Pakistani Kissi Say Kum Nahin are his catchphrases as a leader whose only purpose is to show to the entire world that he’s the only conqueror from Asia and a noble warrior of Pakistan.

He wants as the image of his country: a nuclear power and nothing will stop him to shine.

pakistani wrestler baadshah khan

Baadshah Pehalwan Khan wants to be the future of the ring with his charisma, weightlifting discipline and wrestling techniques, ancestral heritage of Pakistan. He will make an impression and ensures its ascent.

Baadshah Pehalwan Khan


pakistani wrestler baadshah pehalwan khan
Poids: 101 kg
Origine: Rawalpindi – PAKISTAN
Il est le seul catcheur Pakistanais au monde. Pakistan Will Rise ou dans sa langue Pakistani Kissi Say Kum Nahin sont ses devises tel un leader dont le seul but est de montrer au monde entier qu’il est le seul conquérant d’Asie et le noble guerrier du Pakistan.

Il veut à l’image de son pays: une puissance atomique et personne ne l’empêchera de briller.

Baadshah Pehlwan Khan

Baadshah Pehalwan Khan veut être le futur du ring, avec son charisme, sa rigueur en haltérophilie et sa technique de lutte, héritage ancestral du Pakistan. Il saura marquer les esprits et garantit son ascension.

Pehalwan Khan Biography and Pictures