Summer Sports Program of Royal Palm Golf

Summer Sports Program of Royal Palm Golf

The Summer Sports Program of Royal Palm Golf and Country  for the juniors in the age range 4-18 years could just be the tonic needed  to take tennis,squash ,swimming, soccer, athletics, cricket and golf to new heights.

Junior Sports Program
Junior Sports Program at Royal Palm

Launched in May, this was a specialized program  which provided  a conducive academic and training environment under expert coaches, for eager and talented sports students and in the concluding week competitions were held to assess progress and highlight high achievers like Shehryar Ehtisham who was declared most valuable player of the Summer Camp 2014 based on his performances in soccer,tennis,athletics and squash.

In the golf academy young upcoming golfers  received top class golf coaching from seasoned coach Siraj Khan with supervision by  Col. Jameel Khalid, Director Golf. Starting from the grip children were taught about the importance of this aspect of the game .They were told that in case hands are wrong , the entire golf swing is effected and they were also told that whether the grip is over lapping , interlocking or palm grip the left hand placement is same it is the right hand that can vary. Next step of course was increasing awareness of the stance . With the help of ample displays kids were made conscious of the fact that if a faulty grip can ruin a swing, a faulty stance is equally disastrous . Fool proof tip injected into the learners minds was that feet should be about the width of the shoulders .

Those who performed well are Esa Faisal Iqbal in age category 5-8 years, Aarez Waqar Butt in category 9-12 years and Taha Malik in age bracket 13-18 years. Amongst the girls Zainab Haroon was the best. As for the young ones who have took up squash , they received guidance on holding of grip, how to approach the ball ,  basic squash tactics like “keep the ball away from opponent”, hitting balls to the corners and close side of the courts and volley and related features like stamina building and staying fit to be able to play the game. Tennis learners were taught how to improve balance , how to control shots on the run, ball flight judgement and other techniques.

And Ali Ahmed the coach made learning an enjoyable experience. And performers in competitions were Mohammed Ali Naseem(under 14 years),Husain Javed (above 15 years). Results:Boys Swimming; Ahmed Omer (winner in under 6 years); Mikail Faisal Ejaz (winner in 7-8 years) ; Abdul Hannan (winner in 9-10 years); Rafay Fawad (winner in 11-12 years); Ahmad Yar Ehtesham (winner in 13-14 years); Waleed bin Dawar (15-16 years): Girls Swimming; Winners were Sofiya Malik (under 6 years), Maheen Manzoor (7-8 years), Minaal Salman (9-10 years), Sara Adnan Sheikh(11-12 years),Aleeza Chaudry(13-14 years) and Nimra Mansoor(15 -16 years).

Soccer; winning team was Hamza Ali Khan, Shayan Nadeem, Haider Aziz,Dawood Shahid Kazi and Shehryar Ehtesham. Golden boot award went to Hamza. Coach was Intezar Mehdi.

Athletics;winners were Raqae Ali(5-7 years), Abdul Hanan(8-10 years), Ahmad Yar(11-13 years), Sheheryar Ehtesham(14-16 years), Dawood Shahid Kazi(17-18 years).

Squash; Hasan Aziz won in under 12 years, Haider Aziz won in 13-16 years and Asad Tajammal was best in over 16 years. Faisal was declared the best organizer of the Summer Juniors Sports Camp. At the conclusion of the event Dawar Rashid, CEO Wing Chair group of Industries, Tehmina Dawar and Omer Mir,General Manager,Royal Palm,distributed prizes to the young ones in a ceremony attended by hundreds of watchful parents.