Sardar Murad tops in DWP Golf at Royal Palm

Sardar Murad tops in DWP Golf at Royal Palm

Golf at Royal Palm
Prize Winners of DWP Golf tournament with Farooq Nasim of DWP

The DWP Corporate Golf Tournament endorsed and backed by DWP, Xerox, Dell, EMC and APC brought a large number of corporate leaders together at the soothing Royal Palm Golf Course, for a fulfilling round of golf and while during the 18 holes competition, the element of intense competition could be felt, the golf playing contenders from UAE, Singapore and other centres of the country were seen shaking hands, after the 18 holes completion and hugging each other for a wonderful outing that afforded them a chance to have a break from hectic work schedules. And providing an opportunity to meet so many successful ones of the corporate world. And as Farooq Nasim of DWP rightly said, “we have attracted the attention of world class business houses and brought them over to get a feel of our aspirantions for a lasting relatioship”.

As for the competition itself the quality of golf oscillated between excellence and some drab displays,the latter being the result of lack of practice and newness of the golf course, which certainly is full of water hazards and out of bound areas that can curb a competitors ability to do well. Yet participants like Sardar Murad, Faisal Malik, Shoaib Bokhari, Asad Amin Sheikh, Shoaeb Shams, Farooq Khan and Jawad Mohiuddin emerged as the stars of the DWP Golf Tournament with rounds and performances that can be graded as being much above the ordinary, while the surprise century makers of the day were names like Dr.I mran Ali(LUMS), Aneeq Khawar(Banker), Kamran Butt(CA) and Zafar Malik(Singapore) and mind you a century in golf is a disress oriented happening though it is normally attributed to long absence from the golf course.

Sardar Murad, a candidate for Gymkhana Elections managed to get the pressure out of his head to apply his golfing skills adequately well and prove  that focus and concentration during competitions can do wonders.His round of gross 76 made him the champion of the DWP event and his massive drives off the tees on all the par fours and fives got noticed by the corporate leaders and won him laudatory applause from all of them. Another one who exhibited brilliance was Faisal Ali Malik, who succeeded in capturing the first net position with a round of net 69, this being the result of flawless golf, all the time hitting accuracy oriented drives and not straying from the fairways.

In the handicap category 10 to 18 the awesome one was Jawed Mohiuddin, an 18 handicapper who has just taken to golf and he was superb all through the 18 holes, producing a combination of good hitting, accurate chipping around the greens and avoiding three putts all through the competitive outing.


0-9 handicap category; Sardar Murad(first gross); Azfar Hassan(2nd gross); Sohaib Bokhari(3rd gross); Faisal Ali Malik (first net); Asad Amin Sheikh(2nd net); Shoaib Shams(3rd net). 10-18 handicap category; Dr Nasrullah (first gross); Farooq Khan(2nd gross); Salman Cheema(3rd gross); Jawad Mohiuddin(first net); Tajjamal Hussain (2nd net); Atta Mohiuddin(3rd net). The prize distribution was a grand affair and winners were given prizes by Usman Khan, Country Manager EMC and Farooq  Nasim of DWP Group.