34th Velo National Boxing Championship finals today

34th Velo National Boxing Championship finals today

Velo National Boxing Championship finalsLAHORE – The 34th Velo National Boxing Championships being held here at the Punjab College Hall has reached the final stage after all the national champions eased into the title-fight round. Duda Khan Bhutto, president Pakistan Boxing Federation was the chief guest of the day and witnessed the second session of the bouts.

On the fourth day of the championship there was only one RSC O/C (referee stopped contest outclass) and a knock out decisions and a walk over but none of the boxers who entered into the ring retired. All the bouts were played till the last second and the decisions were made on points. And th only bout that as closely-contested was between Mohib Bacha of Police and Sheroz of Navy but the police boxer was the ultimate winner in the 49 kilo category. In the same category Mohamamd Nauman of Army downed Wapda’s Naqib Ullah.

The finals of the championship will be played today (Friday) and the bouts will start at 3 pm while the medals ceremony will be held at around 6 pm when Provincial minister Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman will make his presence as the chief guest. Syed Shahid Ali, President Punjab Olympics Association will also be among the guests.

The boxers who made to the final:

Mohib Barha Police and Mohammad Nauman Army in 49kgs, Abdul Waheed PAF and Mohamamd Waseem Wapda in 52kgs, Samiullah Navy and Nematullah PAF in 56kgs, Kadir Khan Wapda and Nawaz Dad Army in 60kg, Faisal Khan Army and Adnan PAF in 64kgs, Arshad Hussain PAF and Aamir Khan Wapda in 69kgs, Mirza Azam PAF and Dur Mohammad Navy in 75kgs, Nadir Khan Navy and Ahmed Ali Army in 81kgs, Moiz Khan HEC and Riaz Ali Army beat in 91kgs, Mir Waiz Wapda and Waqar Ali Army in 91-plus kgs, Earlier, the boxers who reached the semi-final after beating their rivals are:

69kgs: Mohammad Afzal Police beat Shafique Islamabad ko 1st rd; Arshad H PAF beat Mohammad Zuber Balochsitan on points 24-5; Tanveer Navy beat Fahim Rangers on pts 20-5; Aamir Khan Wapda beat Zulqarnain Army on pts 16-5

75kgs: Zulqarnain HEC beat Javed Akhtar railways 12-11; Mirza Azam PAF beat Nisar Ahmed Wapda 40-15; Dur Mohammad Navy beat Tayab Usmani Islamabad Rsc OC 2nd rd; Atif Mahmood Amry beat Shahid Khan Punjab 26-4

81kgs: Nadir Khan Navy beat Mudasar Punjab Rsc oc 1st rd; Asmatullah Balochistan beat Abijezi Khan HEC Rsc Inj 1st rd; Ahmed Ali Army beat Noor Ali Rangers Rt 1st rd; Mehmood PAF beat A Wasy KPK Rsc Oc 2nd rd

91kgs: Amir Hamza rangers beat Fazal Karim KPK rsc inj 1st rd; Moiz Khan HEC beat Mohammad asif Balochsitan Rsc inj 1st rd; Qamar Amin PAF beat M Shoaib Wapda on pts 28-10; Riaz Ali Army beat Aziz Ahmed Navy 21-8
91+ kgs: Mir Waiz Wapda beat Mohamamd Ali Railways Rsc Oc 1st rd; Mohammad Qasim HEC beat Farman Ullah KPK KO 1t rd; Waqar Ali Army beat Naeem Khan PAF Rsc Oc 1st rd; Nehmatullah Navy beat Yasir javed Sindh 13-6

Results (semi-finals):

49kgs: Mohib Barha Police beat Sheroz Navy 18-16, Mohamamd Nauman Army beat Naqeebullah Wapda 32-18

52kgs: Abdul Waheed PAF beat Attaullah Police 24-12, Mohamamd Waseem Wapda beat Hallar HEC 14-2

56kgs: Samiullah Navy beat Syed Israr Sindh 19-6, Nematullah PAF beat Khawar Wapda 22-5

60kg: Kadir Khan Wapda beat Mohammad Ali Police 13-4, Nawaz Dad Army beat Amar Navy 29-15

64kgs: Faisal Khan Army beat Sadullah Balochistan 18-10, Adnan PAF beat Mohamamd Ali Navy 14-11

69kgs: Arshad Hussain PAF beat Mohammad Afzal Police 26-4, Aamir Khan Wapda beat Tanveer Navy 25-13

75kgs: Mirza Azam PAF beat Zulqarnain HEC 12-4, Dur Mohammad Navy beat Atif Mahmood Amry 23-13

81kgs: Nadir Khan Navy beat Asmatullah Balochistan 22-5, Ahmed Ali Army beat Mehmood PAF knock out

91kgs: Moiz Khan HEC beat Amir Hamza Rangers 16-11, Riaz Ali Army beat Qamar Amin PAF 23-16

91+ kgs: Mir Waiz Wapda beat Mohammad Qasim HEC Rsc 1st rd, Waqar Ali Army walk over Nehmatullah Navy. – Pakistantoday