National Women’s Squash Championship to start on October 15

ISLAMABAD: The National Women’s Squash Championship will be organised from October 15-18 at PAF-Hashim Khan Squash Complex, Peshawar. The championship will carry prize money of Rs. 50, 000, Secretary, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Squash Association, Qamar Zaman told APP here on Monday.

The squash association would hold the national event in the province that would involve female squash players from across the country,” the Secretary said.
Zaman, who is also a former British Open champion, said that the association has planned various tournaments in the current year for both junior and senior categories involving male and female players.

He said that sports activities must go on and that is why this squash event was being organized so as to engage the youth in healthy activities.

“We are going to make history of holding the first national squash event in the province that will involve female squash players from all across the country,” he added.
Zaman said that efforts were made to get sponsorship for the event but up till now no one had agreed to sponsor the championship owing to the current situation.

Besides the National Women’s Squash Championship, a Senior Squash Championship will be organized from October 5-10 with prize money of Rs 0.1 million.
The first event, which carries prize money of Rs. 50, 000 will be held from September 26-30 for National Age Group Under-11, Under-13 and Under-15.

The National Under-15, Under-17 All-Pakistan tournament will be commencing from October 22-26, followed by Inter-District Junior Squash Championship from November 1-5. Ladies Inter-District Championship is scheduled from November 15-18 and Senior National Squash Championship, carrying Rs. 0.1 million prize money, will be organized in December this year, he said – App