FA Chief Roger Burden assures PFF full support

LAHORE,Sep 8 (APP)- Roger Burden, Acting Chairman of The Football Association, has assured full cooperation in providing assistance to Pakistan Football Federation in rebuilding football infrastructure damaged or destroyed by recent devastating floods in Pakistan.

In a letter addressed to President PFF Faisal Saleh Hayat,Roger said that our thoughts are with you and especially the family, friends and loved ones of those lost in this tragedy.Please do not hesitate to contact me should the FA be able to assist you in any way.

The Football Association formed in 1863, also known as simply The FA,is a governing body of association football in England.
“ I have been following news of the horrendous tragedy in your country and would like to express my deep sympathy to the Pakistani people and Pakistani families’,added Roger.

“ I understand that Pakistan’s football infrastructure has also been affected and, while addressing the immediate needs of the 20 million people requiring humanitarian assistance is a priority, please be assured that The Football Association is ready to support your efforts to rebuild the game in your country”,he said.
Such supportive gestures “will never be forgotten” said Faisal.  – App