UK lawyers’ body wants SC Judge to probe match fixing issue

Association of Pakistani Lawyers (APL), a team of Pakistani origin lawyers, solicitors, barristers and Judges in UK, on Sunday suggested that the government must contemplate an official enquiry into match fixing issue under a Supreme Court Judge.

A statement received here from Barrister Amjad Malik, APL secretary, it says that the enquiry tribunal must put forward suggestions to reform policy, law and issue directives to eradicate any allegations of corruption from cricket.

It urged upon a fair investigation by the Scotland Yard into the whole affair with an opportunity to those alleged to defend themselves to put the matter at rest once for all.
APL says that the News of the World’s second addendum to their revelations on Sunday on spot fixing involving Pakistani cricket players have posed many unanswered questions.
“APL has taken a serious note of the undercover report on match fixing and termed the latest betting scam allegations report a deadly development for mainstream sports of cricket,” the statement adds.

It says that it is disappointing for the game as well as those millions who watch TV and take interest in the game.

APL called upon the Pakistani cricket team, Cricket Board (PCB) and the government to seek legal assistance and advice immediately. -Ftapp