Pakistani driver Adnan to miss Indian formula racing Pakistani driver Adnan to miss Indian formula racing

LAHORE, Aug 26 (APP)- Pakistani racing driver will miss the indian racing championship after refusal of visa. The top Pakistani driver is the only driver to represent the country at the Indian Championship after his 4th place finish at the World Series Karting race in Dubai and was all set to compete in the first race on August 29 in the Indian city of Coimbatore.  dnan expressed frustration on the situation for granting him a visa and he has been unjustified deprived to take part in the event.

“ I have been representing the country in motor racing circuit all over the world and it is the first time in my career that I have come across such a situation “,he added.
“ Athletes like myself act as goodwill ambassadors and the Pakistani government needs to take steps to ensure that talent from our country travels to all corners of the world to improve our image among the international community”,he asserted – APP