History Of Sindh

History Of Sindh

I neglect to see how the gathering has touched base at such an unrealistic conclusion. I recall that Sindh Adabi Board (SAB), a chief organization built up in 1955 for the advancement of Sindhi Literature, had begun a venture to draw out a combined inquired about history of Sindh covering the early Hindu time frame, and after that beginning from the Arab victory, rule of Soomros; Sumas, Arguns, Turkans, Mughals, Kalhoras, Talpurs lastly the British time frame.

Practically on every period research was directed by recognized students of history, authors, and researchers. Books on Arabs, Soomros and Kalhoras composed by Prof(Dr) Mumtaz Pathan, Dr Nabi Bux Baloch and Maulana Ghulam Rasool Mehr, a renowned researcher and specialist individually have as of now been published by the SAb.

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In any case, with the exception of the “Chachnama” composed by one Ali Kufi in the year 1216, which covers the Hindu time frame down to the Arab ask for, material on the old time frame is not recorded and accordingly should be built on the premise of archeological discoveries.

Along these lines saying that ‘Sindh’s history’ as entire depends on ‘suppositions and speculation’s is commensurate to ridiculing the diligent work of incredibly famous researchers and inquired about.

Author: Shahab Ali Islamabad