Jessie’s Burgers – The Islamabad based Burger Joint now open in Lahore!

Jessie’s Burgers – The Islamabad based Burger Joint now open in Lahore!

Jessie’s Burgers opened its doors in Lahore recently; a brainchild of filmmaker, and award-winning music director turned restaurateur Yasir Jaswal & Yawar Siddiqui. The name Jessie’s Burger comes from Yasir Jaswal’s childhood nickname Jessie, whose lifelong passion for cooking turned into a full fledge enterprise.

Both Yasir & Yawar’s love for burgers pushed them to jump into this venture. Yasir carefully crafted the recipes for all the burgers on the menu. The success of the Islamabad branch motivated both partners to take Jessie’s Burgers to Lahore.

The bright yellow neon sign at the entrance of Jessie’s Burgers sets the tone for the character of the space. With its neon signage, rustic floors, cabin like furniture and contemporary hand painted artwork on the walls, Jessie’s sets just the right kind of vibe to attract crowds of all ages.

Jessie’s Burgers offers a wide variety of burgers, shakes and desserts along with specials catering to all kinds of taste and appetites. Economically priced, the idea is to offer a menu, which is affordable to youngsters and teenagers but does not compromise on quality.

The key to the eatery’s success in Islamabad was the care and attention that went into each meal. The same dedication is found in the Lahore branch with fresh ingredients brought to the kitchen every day. Jessie’s Burgers does not freeze any meat patties or vegetables and every burger that comes out has been prepared that same day.

On the opening of Jessie’s Burgers in Lahore, Yasir Jaswal said; “We love the food scene in Lahore and we always wanted to bring our burgers to this amazing city and be a part of it. We wanted to make sure that we bring something fresh and new to Lahoris. Great food brings great people together and they come up with even better ideas, that’s why here at Jessie’s we want to promote music & any other form of performing arts at the venue whenever we can.”

Jessie’s Burgers plans to hold small concerts and gigs at the venue thus it will not only be a spot to enjoy a good meal but also be entertained with good music. This is the second branch of the Islamabad based burger joint with plans to expand more in the future.