‘There’s no reason to keep Pakistan on FATF’s Grey List’

‘There’s no reason to keep Pakistan on FATF’s Grey List’

Pakistan has fulfilled 26 out of 27 conditions of the Financial Action Taskforce and is working diligently to meet the last requirement,” Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said.

“There’s no reason to keep the country on FATF’s grey list anymore,” he told SAMAA TV.

Referring to India, Qureshi pointed out that the international forum is technical but can be used for political gains against Pakistan.
Slow progress on Afghan peace

Talking to SAMAA TV host Kiran Naz on 7 se 8 later in the day, the foreign minister said that the Afghan peace process was being delayed but there was nothing Pakistan could do about it.

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“It is Afghanistan that has to take a decision for its future,” he said. “We can just wait and hope but can’t dictate them.”

Qureshi added that Pakistan has always encouraged political solutions for the neighbouring country and disapproves of any kind of violence or war-like conditions in Afghanistan.

Talking about the Taliban, he said that the group is banned and the government doesn’t talk about outlawed groups.

Qureshi added that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement on US airbases was a stern reminder of Pakistan’s policy.

Earlier this week, in an interview with Jonathan Swan of HBO Axios, PM said that Pakistan will “absolutely not” provide any bases to the United States for military action in Afghanistan. “Absolutely not. There’s no way we are ever going to allow.”

This article appeared originally on Samaa.