Parents Lock Doors to Prevent Children from Going Outside

Parents Lock Doors to Prevent Children from Going Outside

Amidst the outbreak of coronavirus and lockdown in the city, it has become challenging for parents to prevent their children from leaving their houses.

Parents have been encouraging their children to play indoor games like ludo, carom board and video games to stay busy at home.

Children who have been playing in the streets or on the grounds are at risk of getting coronavirus, due to which parents are trying to prevent their children from going outside.

The lockdown across the city has shut down educational institutions and all the places where crowds could be seen. However, parents are worried that their children might get affected by coronavirus while playing outside.

The district administration and police have also been instructing citizens to stay at home and take precautions.

Panic among the public has risen after two cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Faisalabad General Hospital, Ghulam Muhammadabad.

As many as 160 patients coming from Taftan have been kept at the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF) PARS Centre, whose reports are yet to come. Arrangements have been completed by the district administration in the city, but citizens do not appear to be acting responsibly in this regard. However, parents have started locking the gates of their houses to protect their children.