Imran Announces To Move Court Against Shehbaz Sharif

Imran Announces To Move Court Against Shehbaz Sharif

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan on Tuesday announced to move court against Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif for his alleged involvement in money laundering and corruption, Media News reported.

“We are going to file reference in court against Shehbaz Sharif next,” he said while addressing a press conference in Islamabad following a party meeting to discus the Panama Leaks Joint Investigation Team (JIT) final report that has been submitted to the Supreme Court. He was flanked by senior PTI leaders including Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Firdous Ashiq Awan, Bawar Awan and Naeem ul Haq. After getting successful probe result against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for having offshore properties with “shady money trail”, it seems Imran is after other senior Pakistan Muslim League-N leaders to get them disqualified.

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Demanding from Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and Shehbaz to immediately resign along Nawaz for their involvement in money-laundering, he said he was making this demand in the light of the JIT report. He also sought resignation from Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq for filing reference against Imran which was according to the PTI chief should have been filed against the PM. It is not just Nawaz Sharif that we are demanding resignation from. Dar and Shehbaz should resign as well on immediate basis. The finance minister of the state is involved in money laundering. Shahbaz Sharif was involved in the settlement of the accounts,” he alleged.

Imran said Dar was the one who selected the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) head and the head of the National Bank of Pakistan and both of them were involved in corruption. They used state institutions to install people who abetted in their crimes,” he said. We also demand the resignation of Ayaz Sadiq who used his position to defend the Sharifs. he didn’t uphold the sanctity of the House,” he said. To a query, he, with full confidence, said he was ready to provide all the money trail regarding his properties.

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“Federal ministers are trying to protect thieves rather than catching them. The corrupt people declared in the JIT report should be put behind the bars,” he said adding that ‘the motu gang’ should be ashamed of their conducts. He said telling lies, submitting false documents were separate felonies. The person supporting criminals was himself committing a crime, he said. In the end, he paid tribute to the probing team for digging “the corruption” of the ruling family.

The JIT has recommended the apex court to file reference against the prime minister and his two sons under NAB Ordinance. According to ARY News Islamabad Bureau Chief Sabir Shakir, the JIT said in its report that: PM’s sons Hussain Nawaz and Hassan Nawaz and his daughter Maryam Nawaz failed to produce satisfactory evidence in the offshore companies allegations against them.”