No threat to democracy; elected govt to complete its tenure: PM

Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani said on Thursday said there was no threat to democracy, and the elected democratic government will complete its tenure. “Army neither intends to come to power, nor it will come. The judiciary is independent and pro-democratic. Despite this if some people are engaged in such a debate, they are wasting their time,” Gilani said in an informal talk with media-persons here at the Prime Minister House on Thursday.

The prime minister said the present government was an elected one and they had come to power after rendering sacrifices and winning elections, adding, “the mandate of people should be respected.”
He said that the media, the masses and the political parties were clear that democracy is the need of country and that the world would not accept any undemocratic move.
Gilani said army was the part of civil government and was taking part in the flood relief activities on the government’s request, adding, those who consider army and the civil government as two entities were living in fools paradise.
The prime minister said that some people were wrong in their thinking that army intends to come to power.
To a question, Gilani said why army should give any clarification on the statement of Altaf Hussain, adding, “the clarification should come from those who gave the statement, and they have already done it.”
The prime minister said that owing to the devastation of floods this Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated with simplicity and he himself will visit the flood relief camps on Eid day.
The prime minister said the government had approved the promotions of 39 officers in BS-22 through a transparent selection process, and in line with the Supreme Court verdict.
“We implemented the Supreme Court verdict in letter and spirit. Today I approved the promotions of 39 officers in BS-22 after the selection board meeting”, he said and mentioned that some people including his Principal Secretary were not promoted.
About the NAB Prosecutor General Irfan Qadir, the prime minister remarked that the government decisions deluge in media discussions, adding, “the SC verdict has been implemented.”
To a question, Gilani said he was also affected by the NAB ordinance, which does not provide any remission in jail term, and he faced ten years imprisonment in five years.
Gilani said, despite this he after taking oath as prime minister separated NAB from the PM office and put it under the ministry of law, adding, the law will be improved after the new Accountability Bill is brought before the parliament.
About the nefarious plan of burning of Holy Quran, he said the government was adopting a strategy in coordination with the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), adding, the U.S. administration has also criticised the move as it had hurt the sentiments of whole world.
The prime minister said that the devastation caused by recent floods was a natural calamity, which affected over 20 million people and “we have to tackle it collectively.”
He said Rs. 4 billion have so far been collected in the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund.
 Prime Minister Gilani said the government after taking into consideration the scale of flood devastation and its resource constraints to cope with the huge challenge appealed to the world for help and assistance.
He said the United Nations, OIC, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other countries and organisation after witnessing the devastation caused by floods sensitised the world, which came with relief and pledges for rehabilitation.
To a question about the proposed flood tax, the prime minister said the matter would be discussed at the highest level, adding, however, the government would curtail its development and other expenditures to create fiscal space for rehabilitation efforts.
Gilani was critical of the elements who were talking of the credibility and trust deficit in the government, adding, the aim of such elements was to deprive the flood affected people from the international assistance.
He regretted that despite the challenging situation facing the country, some people were talking against democracy, adding, however, all the political forces in the National Assembly adopted a consensus resolution in favour of democracy.
Similarly, the prime minister said the establishment of a commission to oversee the flood relief and rehabilitation was unanimously agreed upon during the Council of Common Interests (CCI) meeting and Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif will also nominate their representatives today.
All details of the inflow of aid and its utilisation would be recorded and be made available for public through the internet, he said, adding, the damage assessment work was underway and once the process completes, the date would be provided to donors and the United Nations.
He said when the present government came into power, the country was facing the shortage of wheat flour, adding, but now there was no shortage of wheat in the country.
The prime minister mentioned the success against terrorists in Malakand and Swat; unanimous passage of the 18th Constitutional Amendment; 7th NFC Award, Gilgit-Baltistan autonomy as well as the recent resolution in favour of democracy as achievements of the government and remarked, “despite this the talks of revolution and the government’s failure are unfortunate.”
He said deadlines for government are given every day, adding, “these people should stand clarified that the government will complete its five-year term.”
The prime minister said those political parties which boycotted the general elections have now accepted our point of view and are taking part in the by-elections.
To a question, Gilani said, “We respect Mian Nawaz Sharif and have invited time and again to come to the parliament.”
The prime minister said after knowing that the first lady of Turkey donated her necklace in the fund for flood affectees, the cabinet members have also decided to donate the families’ jewelry.
Referring to a newspaper column, in which the prime minister was advised to donate his dresses for flood relief, Gilani said he was ready to donate his dresses if there was any buyer.
To a question, the prime minister quoted the UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie as saying that “those who talk about the credibility of government, do not want to help the flood affectees.”