PM Urged to Save Overseas Pakistanis from CDA Mafia

PM Urged to Save Overseas Pakistanis from CDA Mafia

Prime Minister Imran Khan has been urged to save overseas Pakistanis from the mafia within the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

In an appeal, the affected overseas Pakistanis also asked the prime minister to order the CDA chairman to immediately issue allotment letters to the genuine and verified land owners in Sectors D-13 and E-13, a process that has been pending for the last more than 12 years.

They said that the CDA acquired land in Sectors D-13 and E-13 on land sharing basis in 2008, which allowed the owner of every 4 kanals to get the CDA’s one kanal developed plot in Sector 13. CDA award of acquisition was issued in early 2008. It is now more than 12 years & despite the CDA award being printed by them in newspapers in 2008,, allotment letters have not been issued to genuine land owners. After acquiring the land in 2008 & CDA not issuing allotment lettersis Illegal & fraudulent.

CDA mafia still exists till today & this is the reason 99% of overseas Pakistanis are not investing in Federal capital. 100’s of billions of dollars can be invested by overseas Pakistanis, once the system is transparent & the government protects their Investments.

They said that if the PM ordered the CDA chairman, allotment letters could be given to genuine landowners of Sectors D-13 & E-13 in maximum two weeks.

“Reason, all genuine “FARDS” of land owners of Sector 13, have been verified by CDA’S Iqbal hall, by patwaaris, girdawar, tehsildars, & the deputy commissioner & signed & stamped by the DC. The verified files were received by Director Lands office, in the CDA head office, from the DC, 2 to 4 years back. Chairman CDA can call for an immediate transparent ballot, & same day allotment letters can be given to land owners of CDA SECTOR’S D13 & E 13, which was to be given to us 12 years back.”

They said that if 5000 allotment letters of 1 kanal are issued, CDA will get 15,000 kanals in Sectors D 13 & E 13 of residential plots (as for 4 kanals, CDA gets 3 kanals) Plus 2 big commercial areas in D 13 & 2 in E 13. “Commercial Areas have a better location than even the Blue Area extension auctioned July 15th to July 17th 2020.”