ISPR documentary wins first prize in IFF

RAWALPINDI (SANA): Inter- Services- Public- Relations Documentary has won the first prize in the recently held International Film Festival “Eserciti-e-Popoli” (Army and People) held at Bracciano, Rome (Italy).

The celebration of 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, saw the participation of NATO and 24 Countries, entered the festival with 60 Films grouped into several categories: from ‘Institutional training information, from environmental protection to the humanitarian mission for the preservation of peace. The films, signed by excellent film makers were evaluated by the international highly qualified and experienced jury.

Maintaining the tradition, Pakistan Army’s documentary “Voice of Peace” has won the first prize in the “Social Function Category” and was awarded Chief of Army Staff trophy. Brigadier Syed Azmat Ali was the Project Director & Executive Producer of the documentary and Colonel Muhammad Aaqeb Athar was Producer, Captain Sadia Saleem and Lieutenant Abdur Rehman were Coordinators who contributed in producing quality production which attained the distinction on this international Film Festival.

Documentary “Voice of Peace” is about the FM radio stations established in affected areas. Its effectiveness is in terms of changing the mind set of the local people and revealing true perspective of the realties of terrorists affecting the peace in the Swat Valley and Waziristan.

The story “Voice of Peace” that had defeated the hate speech gave hope to the despaired, revived traumatized people of Swat from depression and bridged distances for the separated. The FM radio stations played the role of a preparatory maneuver in shaping the environment. It facilitated the military operation by isolating the militant groups there and also turned the public against these groups in Malakand and Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan – Sananews