NAB submits report in SC in NRO implementation case

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court returned the report submitted in NRO implementation case by National Accountability Board (NAB) with objection, however, it was again filed after removing objections.As per details, the government will file a review petition today (Wednesday) against the Supreme Court verdict denying more time to the government in NRO review case.The petition maintains it is a wrong perception that the government is using delaying tactics and to deny time for the change of lawyer would be tantamount to depriving of the right of review.It is also maintained in the government’s petition that it was not an ordinary thing to issue notification about Kamal Azfar on a holiday and appointment of Kamal as an advisor and replacement of lawyer were solid reason for asking more time from the court.The Court had ordered to take back notification of Kamal Azfar and denied more time to the government in NRO review case – Samanews