SC issues notices to Chairman FBR, members customs, editors of newspapers and AGP For 23-09-2010

Supreme Court registers Petitions under Article 184 of the constitution and issues notices to Chairman FBR & Members Customs to provide comprehensive report on alleged misuse of Afghan and ISAF transit arrangement.

Editors of various Newspapers have also been directed to provide necessary material in this regard and Attorney General for Pakistan has also been issued notice. The case has been clubbed with Crl. Petition No.278 of 2010 which has already been fixed for 23.9.2010.

The action in H.R. Case was taken on press clipping of Daily Dawn dated 1.7.2010 wherein it was reported that over 10,000 containers imported on fake documents in the name of ISAF were cleared as Afghan Transit Goods on documentation provided by the Afghan Consulate. Allegedly in a clandestine manner foreign goods were brought into Pakistan and got released without paying customs duty to the tune of Rs.220 billions, whereas no evidence is available of transporting these goods to Aghanistan. Comments were called from Chairman, FBR and D.G., FIA. This matter was under examination when in Criminal Petition No. 278/10 (Imran Khan v. The State) under Order 3/4 of the Prohibition (Enforcement of Hadd) Order (IV) 1979, an identical episode seems to have happened wherein a huge quantity of contraband liquor was smuggled into Pakistan and two containers No.MSKQ-3279276 and MRKU 0284641 were confiscated. On probe it transpired that from Karachi consignment in the name of Afghanistan Trade Goods containing food stuff, assorted beverages, soft drinks and fresh juices were supposed to be loaded. However in actual fact it was liquor including wine & beers which was being smuggled and got detected.

Prima facie police mishandled this case,therefore, Customs authorities were also involved and reports were obtained from them. Meanwhile, SSP Islamabad was directed to prepare a comprehensive report giving detail relating to the commission of the crime. The case involves important question of public importance with respect to fundamental rights and is clubbed with Crl. Petition No.278 of 2010 which has already been fixed for 23.9.2010 – Supremecourt