28 Balochistan Districts Still Without Power

28 Balochistan Districts Still Without Power

Around 28 districts of southwestern Balochistan province are still without power supply since nationwide breakdown on Saturday night. 

According to reports, the electricity demand in the province is 1650 megawatts against the supply of only 170 megawatts.


Acute gap between demand and supply is resulting in up to 22 hours of loadshedding in many districts of the province. In Quetta – the provincial capital – there is a 12-hour-long power loadshedding. QESCO officials said that power supply from the national grid has not yet fully restored. Reportedly, 600 megawatt power supply from Muzaffargarh Thermal Power Station was suspended on Saturday night after loud explosions inside the plant.  

Sources in National Transmission & Despatch Company (NTDC) said that this chain reaction or somewhat domino effect of ‘power failure’ was actually set into motion after Balochistan’s sprawling Uch-1 and Uch-2 Power Stations tripped offline. – Samaa