Unique 11.11.11 to be marked with peace prayer

Unique 11.11.11 to be marked with peace prayer

unique occurrence of 11.11.11ISLAMABAD: Commemorating the unique occurrence of 11.11.11, spiritual workers around the world will take part in a global prayer for peace, scheduled for 11:00 am (local time) on Friday.

There will be mass prayer gatherings in various countries, lighting a candle or saying silent prayer for world peace.According to celebrators, November 11 of year 2011 is the most auspicious date of the 21st Century, a moment when the pillars of heaven and earth will be in balance.To celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion, some countries are introducing exclusive 11-themed special packages like decorating the hotels with 1111 roses, offering 11 types of chocolate and 11 different light snacks.

Special programmes are also being arranged in various cities of Pakistan. Commoners of 11th Common Training Programme (CTP) will commemorate century’s get-together on 11.11.11.A group of officers headed by Commissioner Regional Tax Office, Rawalpindi, Rakhshanda Aziz Babar will hold a get-together on Friday to commemorate the unique date.According to reports, the spiritual meaning of number 11 is quite diverse. The number 11 is thought of as a ‘master’ number in numerology because it is a double digit of the same number. When this occurs, the vibrational frequency of the prime number doubles in power. Meaning, the attributes of the Number One are doubled.

Therefore, the very basic and primary understanding of the Number One is that of new beginnings and purity. When this digit doubles, as with the 11- then these attributes double in strength.In numerology the number 11 represents; higher ideals, invention, refinement, balance, fulfilment and vision.As the month of November is the eleventh month in the eleventh year of the century, it is thought to be a significant time spiritually, with spiritual energy said to be particularly high on the 11th day.

From a numerological point of view, 11 represent a higher level of understanding and new beginnings. With two rods as its symbol, the number 11 is said to signify the start of a new, advanced cycle, one which has gained much knowledge through the experiences of the previous cycle.Dates such as 11/11/11 are also popular for weddings, product or service launches and other planned events, as the date is easy to remember.The 11 carry a vibrational frequency of balance. It represents male and female equality. It contains both sun energy and moon energy simultaneously yet holding them both in perspective separate-ness, the perfect balance.

Those who recognise the spiritual meaning of number Eleven in their lives are quite sensitive to vibrational frequencies matching these attributes above listed. Elevens appearing on a consistent basis is indicative of a reflective, thoughtful and intuitive soul, the reports said.Consequently, constant reoccurrences of number 11 often signals to be aware of balance; balance in emotion, thought and spirit, masculine and feminine aspects and balance of work and play.Meanwhile, in many countries, one minute’s silence “at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” is in remembrance of the signing of the armistice at 11am on November 11 in 1918 to mark the end of Word War I. – Dailytimes