Rehman Malik announces to launch anti-corruption drive

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Interior Rehman Malik on Thursday announced to launch anti-corruption drive to stop illegal activities of fraudulent elements in the ministry’s departments.Talking to journalists here, the minister said that committee has been constituted with members including federal secretaries of four provinces and representatives of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and intelligence agencies to address the complaints of citizens and review corruption cases related to other public departments.Apprising salient feature of the drive, Rehman Malik said that in first phase of the campaign, major public dealing departments of the ministry have been picked up where common people mostly visit.

He said heads of all departments of Ministry of Interior have been categorically asked to curb corruption in their respective departments. “The government will not allow corruption in any form and there will be zero tolerance in this regard.”He assured that action will be taken against only those elements who are found involved in such activities instead of law-abiding officials or employees.He said the committee will meet fortnight to review the cases.  He added representatives of civil societies, NGOs and former senior officials will be invited to get their support in eliminating corruption.He requested the citizens to send only credible information and warned that same action will be taken against those who will send false information.He added if any official is arrested red-handed from any department, the head of concerned department will also be arrested as he is responsible to make the system transparent.Rehman Malik said a performa is being prepared to be filled by those employees who are deployed in public dealing offices with their complete information.

He added such performa will be sent to FIA with their appointment/transfer letters so that there should have complete information about such persons.Similarly, during timings of public dealing offices, no body will be allowed to use mobile phone and action will be taken against those employees who will break the direction.He said passport offices have been asked to restrict role of agents while same direction has been communicated to WAPDA in this regard.He said the salary of FIA staff has also been raised and make it at par with salaries of policemen while extra allowance may be given to those employees working at public dealing offices.He said a website has been inaugurated with title “Corruption free Pakistan” which will be effective and active in coming 36 hours. He added public will be informed about this website and toll free numbers have been installed at FIA and in Ministry of Interior.He added people can share any such information through email and mobile massaging service. He also sought support of media persons to help the ministry in fight against corruption.He announced five pride of performance for those informers who will pass on information about major corruption cases besides rewards for five best investigative journalists.The minister said five cases based on complaints have been sent to the Director General Federal Investigating Agency (FIA) on today for investigation as first step against corruption, adding, such efforts will continue till complete elimination of corruption from the country.

“This is an efforts, how to minimize the corruption and how to make people free and make it sure that people are getting results from such efforts.”He said according to the magnitude and content of crime, the report of on-going inquiry of corruption cases of some departments will be transferred to FIA including Capital Development Authority (CDA) and WAPDA.He said it has been pointed out that several public dealing departments are working with out-dated data and without having any computerized system.He said it has been suggested that such departments should replace their old system with new computerized one, ensuring display of rules and regulations in offices and placing complaint boxes.Rehman Malik said these complaint boxes will be opened in front of designated FIA officials for taking action.He said the government will start action against those who created sugar crises in the country from tomorrow. He said that 10 percent amount as reward will be given to those informers who will point out hording of sugar.

DG FIA Wasim Ahmad said that on 31st October, the minister had given seven days warning to the departments of Ministry of Interior to stop corruption and with the support of intelligence agencies who remained vigilant, few cases of corruption have been reported.He added a case regarding Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) while another case regarding allotment of flats to Hujjaj Karam in Jaddah have been reported in which senior officials are found involved with charges.He added action has also been taken against those custom employees who were misusing non-duty paid vehicles for their personal purposes.Similarly, an inquiry has been started and finalizing the status regarding sugar crises and if sugar is not brought to the markets, action will be taken against holders – App