Senators call for comprehensive strategy for improving law and order

ISLAMABAD: The treasury and opposition benches expressing concern about the current law and order situation of the country demanded that the government should take positive steps towards establishing law and order in the country and better policy be formulated for safe guarding the interest of the country.Senator Abdul Ghafoor Haidri speaking in the senate said that the chief justice should take Suo Moto notice of law and order situation of the country while Senator Muslim League (N) Ishaq Dar said there is no governance in Balochistan , external forces are instigating un rest in the area.
Senator Maulana Abdul Ghafoor taking part in the debate added that it is because of the wrong policies of the Government that the law and order situation in the area is deteriorating and for the past ten years innocent people are being terrorized and these innocent Baloch are being portrayed as terrorists and being killed.He also said that Aghaz-e-haqooq Balochistan is being politicized and privileged people are taking direct advantage of that,. He added that the supreme court takes notice of a minor incident like a traffic jam in Karachi but no heed is paid to the kidnappings and killings in Balochistan, America and Nato forces violate our territory and kills innocent people but nothing is done in this regard ,it seems as Pakistan has given permission for such acts and Pakistan seems to be an American colony .

Senator Maulana Abdul Ghafoor said that there are different intelligence agencies of the world working in the area and the enemy wants to divide the country and got hold of our nuclear assets but unfortunately the government is least bit interested , he also added that the current Government is working on the same policies of Musharraf era.Senator Maulana Gul Naseeb said the law and order situation of the country needs to be improved as this should be the priority of the government. Kidnapping for ransom has become a profitable business , feudal system has made the poor poorer whereas the rich are becoming richer , people with money rule the country and their interests are safeguarded and layman does not have access to justice resulting chaos in the country.

Senator also added that the education policy has suffered a lot and the selection process is under the influence of the rich and powerful.Foreign policy of the country is favoring the Americans rather than watching our own interest. He also said the intelligence agencies are busy protecting the politicians and the terrorists are roaming around freely. He further added that foreign investors are afraid of investing.He said that Sunnis should stop threatening other sects and Beralvi and Dewbandi sects are intentionally targeted in order to create a war like situation in the country , it is the responsibility of the political parties as well as the Government to put their efforts together for a better Pakistan.

He also mentioned that the world is not accepting Pakistan as a nuclear power. There is no need for a military operation in north Waziristan and Pakistan should keep their interests before anything else.Senator Kalsoom Parveen said Ishaq Dar has given precedence to his party over National interest by leaving the office as finance Minister. After the assassination of Nawab Bugti the law and order situation of Balochistan has deteriorated . Rehman Malik should answer how to improve the conditions of Balochistan. She further added that why is the Gawadar port still not operational as it can generate a lot of revenue – Onlinenews