Prices of vegetables shoot up

MULTAN (October 05 2010): The residents of Multan have demanded of the government to control prices of food items at the weekly bazaars. Increase in the prices of fruits and vegetables have multiplied the miseries of the people. During a visit to weekly bazaars at Shamsabad, sport ground, Madni chowk it was learnt the price of tomatoes has increased to Rs 30 per kg.

On Sunday, tomatoes were being sold at Rs 80 per kg as compared to last week’s price of Rs 50 per kg. Beans prices have gone up to Rs 30 per kg as the new price was Rs 90 per kg. Similarly onion price increased to Rs 1 per kg and new price stood at Rs 36 per kg. Price of green chilly has gone down to Rs 20 per kg and being sold at Rs 120 per kg showing Rs 14.28 percent decrease as compared to last week. Firdous Saleem, a shopper expressed dismay over the price fixing mechanism by Market Committees and said that the government should provide relief to the masses at least in food items – Brecorder