AG files petition in SC for deferment of NRO cases

The government has submitted an application in the Supreme Court requesting adjourn the hearing of the implementation of NRO ruling and reopening of Swiss cases, which the SC is to resume at 1:00pm today (Monday).
The application, submitted by Attorney General Anwarul Haq, pleaded that he (AG) could not complete work on the case due to some preoccupations of Prime Minister Gilani who remained busy with flood-related issues besides others.
A three-member bench, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, would hear the cases.
All eyes are already focused on the Supreme Court today when the judiciary resumes hearing the all-important cases of the 18th Amendment, implementation of its judgment on the NRO, appointment of NRO beneficiaries at key posts and missing people. Each one of them has a bearing on the survival of the PPP-led political dispensation.
The federal government’s lawyer was likely to present in court the summary proposal ratified by the PM with respect to the reopening of Swiss cases. On Friday, Attorney General Anwarul Haq told the court that the PM has approved the summary proposal on which the CJ warned of the consequences in case of defiance.

Delay would be detrimental: Justice Tariq
Justice (r) Tariq Mehmood, while talking to Dunya News, said that anyone could file an application for deferment; however only the court could decide whether to defer the case or not.
He warned that delay would be harmful for the country, saying that the cases should be resolved as early as possible. He said in parliamentary system, chief executive of the country is the sole authority and he can also sack the ministers bit we all know that PM Gilani is not the sole authority.

Justice (r) Wajihuddin said that the government is using delaying tactics and wanted to linger the case.

Govt does not have sound excuses: AK Dogar

Talking to Dunya News, Advocate AK Dogar asked that for how long the government wanted to buy time as there is limit to everything. He said that by far the SC has shown great degree of patience but the government is putting lame excuses for postponement of the hearing. – dunyanews