PPP holds mid- term review meeting; resolves to protect democracy, parliament at all costs

ISLAMABAD, Sept 17 (APP): A mid -term review of the government held in a meeting of the federal cabinet  at the Aiwan-e-Sadr on Friday resolved that democracy, the parliament and the unanimous Constitutional Amendments adopted by the Parliament in April last will be defended and protected at all costs.The meeting presided over by President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani reviewed in- depth the progress made by the government, the challenges faced by it and the way forward and resolved to continue making strides to strengthen democracy and address the problems faced by the people.The meeting was attended by about forty Federal Ministers, Ministers of State and the Advisors present in Islamabad.

Briefing the Journalists on the meeting Spokesperson to the President Farhatullah Babar said that while expressing their views candidly on all political, economic and security issues the meeting also adopted a resolution reposing full confidence in the leadership of the Co-Chairman PPP President Asif Ali Zardari and the head of the Government Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani.
The issues discussed in the meeting that lasted for four hours ranged from the current political situation, to the state of economy, from rehabilitation of flood victims to the relations with coalition partners and from the opportunities before the government to the challenges faced by it.
The meeting was also addressed both by the President in the beginning and  and by the Prime Minister towards end of it.
The meeting noted that despite challenges and hurdles in its way the Government had waded through difficulties successfully and achieved significant achievements on political and economic fronts as well as on the fronts of fight against militancy.
The President in his opening remarks asked the participants not to be deterred by the negative propaganda against the Government.
About the situation arising out of floods, the President thanked the international community for its help but said that “we also have to help ourselves to gain the confidence and credibility of the international donors”.
For this, he said, “we have to generate indigenous resources and then look towards the international community for greater assistance”.
He asked the Government to pursue vigorously the issue of market access with European Union and the United States.
He described the Thursday’s development where European Union leaders have agreed to grant limited trade concessions to Pakistan to help it overcome the impact of devastating floods as very positive adding that it has raised the confidence level of Pakistan to achieve the objective of market access.
The President said the international community has realized that a stable, democratic and prosperous Pakistan was a key to address global issues such as counter-terrorism, non-proliferation and counter-narcotics etc.
The President asked the ministers to strive to strengthen Pakistan economically. “Once we are strong economically, we will be able to tackle all the challenges”, he said.
The President said that such political meetings will be held more frequently. Meeting of CEC, Federal Council and the Parliamentary Party will also be held shortly, he said.
Farhatullah Babar said that almost all the participants expressed their views candidly on variety of issues.
Taking note of the suggestions by some participants about strengthening the Party’s organizational structure, the President in his concluding remarks said that as Co-Chairman of the Party he will take appropriate decisions in consultation with the Party on organizational matters.
He said that beginning with Balochistan, where the Party organization is in suspension, all organizational issues of the Party will be addressed shortly. -app