Malik for transparent disbursement of Watan Cards

ISLAMABAD, Sep 14 (APP): Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Tuesday expressed the resolve that cash disbursement through Watan Cards would be made transparent and it would be ensured that only “actual beneficiaries” benefi from the system.“Watan Cards would be distributed among flood victims who can take money from ATM machines and for this purpose data gathered by NADRA will be utilized for ensuring transparent and error free disbursement of money”, he said talking to media here at NADRA headquarters. He said that NADRA will verify the data of the affected people and it has guaranteed that no one can forge Watan Cards as they are highly protected.Malik maintained that the distribution of money through the cards has been started and he had a meeting with the high officials of NADRA for gearing up the process and meet complaints in this regard.
He said that a toll free number and SMS service have been started free of cost to lodge complaints regarding cards.“A NADRA officer of deputy manager post will be attached with every chief minister in order to maintain close interaction between the provincial governments and NADRA for the speedy process”, he added.
He informed that till now some 5000 Watan Cards have been distributed amounting to Rs 22.4 million while work on  remaining is underway.
He further stated that NADRA has already started distributing Watan Cards in the areas whose data is with the authority.
Interior Minister said that it takes almost 13 minutes to deal one person and that was why he had released funds in order to double the disbursement counters of Watan Cards.
Malik categorically stated that the government is fully aware of the intensity of the disaster and that is why the nation has witnessed that President, Prime Minister, all the four Chief Ministers and federal ministers spent their Eid days with the flood victims.
Responding a question regarding Malik’s relations with Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, he said “Shahbaz is my younger brother and there is no difference between us” adding that he appreciates the work done by not only Shahbaz Sharif but all the four chief ministers for their untiring work for the rehabilitation  of flood affected persons.
He said that it is the time to form unity among our ranks as the whole nation is passing through a very critical time.
Malik asserted that difference of opinion is the beauty of politics.
About PPP-MQM relations, he categorically stated that PPP and MQM are allies and they will remain in the government and keep on serving masses.
In another question about banned outfit Jamaat-ud-Dawaa, he said “I dont want any banned organization to take part in any donation work”.
When asked about any planning of military operation in  Balochistan, he refuted the statement and said that he never gave  any such statement, however he expressed the resolve that operation  will be conducted at every such place where writ of the government will be challenged.
Interior Minister Rehman Malik highly appreciated the performance of Chairman and Deputy Chairman NADRA for preparing Watan Cards quickly and  even during the Eid holidays – APP