Gilani for concerted efforts to rehabilitate all flood victims

LAHORE, Sept 14 (APP): Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has stressed the need for a strong coordination among all quarters to rehabilitate the 20 million flood affected people in a speedy and effective manner.Talking to a journalists’ delegation, which called on him at his residence in DHA here on Tuesday, he said the masses, civil society, NGOs, political parties, philanthropists and the state organs took active part in the rescue and relief operations, however, it would have been done in a better way under a national strategy.He said the flood-hit families staying on roads in the open sky have dry ration, food and other edible in abundance but they were in dire need of tents to live in. Once the tents are provided to them, 80 percent of their problems would be resolved and the government could also provide ration of two weeks, he observed.
The Prime Minister said that he would issue a notification regarding National Oversight Disaster Management Council (NODMC) within next two days, as the provinces have named their members, while the federal government would also incorporate its representatives in it.
The Council would be entrusted to look after all the process of collection of donation as well as distribution of relief goods and compensation amount among the affected people, he added.
To a question, he said, the government as per promise has started the process of giving away Rs 20,000 as an initial assistance to the flood affected before Eidul Fitr. The fiscal aid to the affected was being distributed through NADRA cards to ensure transparency in the process to be monitored by the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank.
In the next phase, the flood-hit families would be given another amount of Rs 80,000 without any discrimination for the reconstruction of their homes. The government would pay a total compensation amount of Rs 350 billion, he added.
Gilani said the international community must play its active role for the calamity-stricken people of Pakistan, citing, “We are working for peace and prosperity in the entire world.”
The Prime Minister said, “Distribution of compensation and rehabilitation of the flood victims is an uphill task,” assuring that flood-stricken families would not have any complaint regarding their relief and rehabilitation. The government has the credit of rehabilitating 2.5 million IDPs of Swat and Malakand within 90 days in a peaceful manner, he maintained.
Pakistani nation always showed unity and stood firm in any time of difficulty, and this fact could be well-determined by their solidarity on the war on terror, while the parliamentarians and political forces also got united against whoever talked about destabilizing the democratic setup in the country, he said.
The Prime Minister said, “Democracy is the future of Pakistan and due to it, the entire world give us honour; the masses should support and stabilize democratic setup in the country, as they can get resolved all their problem through this effective system.”
To a query about threat to democracy in Pakistan, he said, “I don’t see any such move.”
Responding to another question, he emphasized upon the provincial governments to make the price control system more effective. The local governments are now a provincial subject and it was up to the provinces when they hold election to put in place the local governments, he added.The Prime Minister said that federal government received more than 150 aircraft-load of relief aid from the foreign countries and distributed it through provincial governments.
He said, Saudi Arabia, USA and United Nations (UN) were extending help to Pakistan, asserting, the Turkish First Lady had donated her jewellery for the flood affected people, while the German Chancellor was personally raising funds for Pakistan’s calamity-hit people.
Gilani said that details regarding collection of donations, foreign aids, Prime Minister Fund for flood victims as well as its distribution  among the affected people had been posted on the respective websites.
To a question, he said, the rescue operation has finished in the country except for the tail-end areas of Sindh province.
However, the relief activities are under way and ‘we have ensured complete health-cover to the flood-hit people by providing them with medicines and mobile hospitals, besides foreign donated field hospital working in flooded areas of Sindh.
To another question, Gilani said that Pakistan strongly condemns human rights violation in Indian occupied Kashmir and all other parts of the world.
India should resolve all the issues with Pakistan including Kashmir dispute through dialogue, which is the way forward as war is not the solution, he added.
The Prime Minister also refuted the news reports about any trade agreement between Pakistan and India under the Afghan Transit Trade (ATT).
To a query, the Prime Minister said that he had asked the European Union and other world leaders in Brussels, France and Poland to give Pakistan an access to international markets, as we want trade instead of aid.
To another question about achievements of the government, Gilani said the parliament, which is our biggest power, unanimously approved the 18th Amendment, 7th NFC Award, Aghaz-e-Haqooq Balochistan Package, and the internal autonomy to Gilgit-Baltistan, besides ensuring distributions of funds among public representatives on equal basis.
“We have promoted the politics of reconciliation, which is our great and world-recognised success; we have ensured tolerance and do not resort to politics of vengeance, as there is no political prisoner in my tenure (in government),” he said.
The government believes in freedom of media and totally against the draconian laws usurping its rights, he added – APP