PM orders converting Sukkur hospital into diarrhoea treatment facility

ISLAMABAD, Aug 27 (APP): Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Friday directed to convert Railways Hospital Sukkur into a dedicated medical facility for the treatment of patients with acute watery diarrhoea.
The Prime Minister has taken the step to control outbreak of water-borne diseases in the flood-hit areas, keeping in view the heat and humidity in the south.The Prime Minister directed the Ministry of Railways to place the Railways Hospital Sukkur at the disposal of Ministry of Health which in collaboration with the World Health Organization will convert the hospital into a dedicated medical facility for treatment of water born diseases.
The establishment of this facility will create no additional expense, while the existing staff will continue to work in the hospital.
The Prime Minister has been closely monitoring the health situations in the flood ravaged areas. Chairing a high level meeting to review the health situation in flood-hit areas last week, he directed the Ministry of Health to take on board different NGOs and international health organizations – APP