Flood relief cooperation could be a turning point in the relations between Pak- US

ISLAMABAD, Aug 25 (APP)-Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Hussain Haqqani said on Wednesday that flood relief cooperation could be a turning point in the relations between Pakistan and the United States and hoped it would help faster a much greater mutual understanding at people-to-people level. Talking to a private TV channel, Ambassador said that it was due to the government’s efforts that the international community has acknowledged the massive destruction of infrastructure in the recent floods.

He said that United Nations called its session only on the request of the Pakistan government.
It was wrong to say by some quarters that the government remained inactive in educating the international community about the intensity of the catastrophe, Haqqani said adding that he himself remained engaged in the US to attract attention of US authorities to the biggest tragedy in human history.
He said media could not notice the efforts of the government which it was making to attract attention of international community in this situation, he added.
Unfortunately the local media could not duly project the immense devastation, he said.
He said the floods have inflicted huge damages of the infrastructure and the process of reconstruction would involve huge resources and time.
Haqqani said the US government as well as the private sector were ambitious to extend maximum possible support to enable Pakistan to overcome the situation.
He said Americans have a history of aid activities and they have been found very generous during the crisis anywhere in the world.
Haqqani said international relations are not governed by emotions adding they are rather governed by national interests of nations.
He said after learning from its earlier mistakes the US Administration has now changed the concept of strategic interests.  They are now following a broad based policy in this regard, he added.
He said it is in Pakistan’s national interest to have good relations with the US.
He said no where in the world there was an error-free government and the bad governance issue was being raised by some quarters in Pakistan also.
The international community now has a different point of view in this regard he said explaining there is a general thinking abroad and particularly in the United States that the issue of bad governance is raised in Pakistan to topple the democratically elected governments.
Haqqani said that a number of American private companies have also pledged to extend all possible support to flood hit areas of Pakistan.
Flooding disaster in Pakistan has afflicted massive number of people with misery than the 2005 earthquake and the Pakistani diaspora in the United States and Americans can greatly help alleviate their sufferings by contributing generously to relief work, said Husain Haqqani, Islamabad’s ambassador in Washington.
He asked the people living in the United States to come forward with renewed spirit just as they did in response to the earthquake and large-scale displacement of people from Swat valley last year.