Every Quote Has A Power

Every Quote Has A Power

Writing chances have been increased and more people write these days.  Some of the people write blogs, articles, essays and so on but, every writer is having an aim to delight his readers, grab their mind and develop reading skills. 

Every writer wants to convey something riveting, something their readers find curious and surprising. But, It is not every writer’s cup of tea to make a fascinating thing. It’s not that easy, It takes years to perfect the craft and build an audience. Best Authors are always attracted by the people, Best Writing gets shared by millions of people.

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Quotes are the powerful instruments in the hands of writers.

Every quote has power in its own way. Quoting from a famous author provides stability to the writing. Some of the best sayings highlight ideas and make them shine in a new light. One becomes writer after reading high volume of books of different authors so, every writer has some favorite author. He or she creates an invisible circle supplying intentions and chuckle some sayings.  

It is curious how quoting someone makes people look better. Quoted person looks smarter because his words are repeated. And the person who quotes associates himself with the ideas expressed and gets some credit himself. Both people get highlighted by the idea they shared with the world. Internet makes this exchange of ideas even faster. It tried to bring more and more people to the platform and more voices.

Every voice has power to encourage others.

Author: Zara Mansoor