Not All Fingers Are The Same

Not All Fingers Are The Same

Comparison is something that keeps our society and its endless gossip going. No matter, whether this comparison is in good light or bad, it is something that we all have done at some point in our lives.

We fail to realize that this comparison may be breaking or shaking someone’s confidence. Comparison, too, may be taken as a form of violence and it is high time, we realize that not all fingers are the same length. For this trend of comparing; not only relatives, teachers, parents etc are to be blamed, but the blame goes to us, as well.

On countless occasions, we ourselves have compared our friends, our relationships and even ourselves to others. Belittling them or ourselves in the process. Hence, coming to my question: How can one expect someone else to do the right thing, when we ourselves are wrong?

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It is therefore absolutely necessary to change our perspective, love ourselves for who and how we are. Then and only then, can we appreciate and revel in the joys and pains, strengths and weaknesses of others; without feeling the need to make them into an ‘object of perfection’.

At the end of the day, we are God’s creations and how He has made each and every one of us is a specialty on its own. God wanted everyone to be different, therefore he gave everyone different features, colours, backgrounds etc, therefore it is not right for us to compare something that God has created in a certain pattern. So, let’s promise ourselves to stop this trend of comparing ourselves and others around us to people; who we may think or feel are superior to us.

Author: Sahar Kazmi Islamabad