How Can Extremism Be Minimized?

How Can Extremism Be Minimized?

Our society is facing several problems and extremism is one of them, not just one of them but also the root cause of many others.

This tells us that why eliminating it is that important. Extremism can be of any type and it basically starts from little things like having a strong opinion on something and associating emotional attachment with it, judging others for having different views but the problem comes when that person reaches a stage where he/she can go to any extreme to defend it and convince others on it and others may not have same views so that’s when it changes into violence, those views changes into fanaticism of a person and then it contributes in promoting severe violence in the society.  

So talking about little things, we just need to ignore those little things that are creating gaps or contradictions. As Allah says in Quran: “(Muhammad PBUH) say: O people of the book come to common terms as between us and you”. So we can contribute to make a society peaceful by noticing the similarities and neglecting the differences we have in between and by being positive.

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There is always a positive side of things and we should also to be on the positive side of extremism i.e extremely good, extremely honest, and extremely peaceful instead of promoting the violence because anyone can do that. Being violent is easy than being peaceful.

Author: Maira Bilal