Central Superior Service

Central Superior Service

The Central Superior Services (denoted as CSS; or Bureaucracy) is an elite permanent bureaucratic authority, and the civil service that is responsible for running the civilian bureaucratic operations and government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet of Pakistan. Civil Services have become the key wheels on which the entire engine of the state has to move. Becoming part of the Civil Services is probably a dream of every other graduate of the country. But the entry is through a rigorous examination that requires preparation of months if not years.

The Government of Pakistan conducts Central Superior Services (CSS) Examination or the Competitive Examination to fill up Grade-17 posts in 12 different service groups every year. The exams are conducted by (FPSC) Federal Public Service Commission in Pakistan. Central Superior Services attracts the best brains of Pakistan. Hundreds and thousands of candidates appear every year and the most brilliant students are selected. It’s an excellent & renowned system that brings the best minds and personalities together for the service of the nation. Each year thousands of graduates aim to make the improbable possible, to earn a chance to gain admission into the bureaucratic system of Pakistan. This examination is the only talent assessment process that enjoys impeachable credibility.  CSS ensures that the best talent is accepted. Very low passing percentage ratio means that the candidates have to excel in all aspects of the program to be considered for selection.

Year Total Applied Candidates Total Appeared Candidates Passing


2012 14335 10066 800 7.95%
2013 15998 11406 238 2.09%
2014 24,640 13170 439 3.3%
2015 22,400 12176 379 3.11%
2016 20717 9643 202 2.09%











The examination is competitive in its very nature and only the best come on top and represent the country whether they be male or female. In the past years we have seen a steady increase of females entering the service through excellence in the examination.

Males Females

Males Percentage

Females Percentage
599 201 75% 25%
172 66 72% 28%
294 145 67% 33%
220 159 58% 42%
114 88 56% 44%











The quota system is established to give every region of the country representation in the civil service of Pakistan. It allows entry from each province which ensure diversity and participation of every section of the country. Certain seats are reserved as a priority to applicants who have completed their pre-university studies in rural and undeveloped regions of the country. Following is the distribution of quota amongst various units of the country.

Provinces Percentage
Merit 7.5%
Punjab (including federal area of Islamabad 50%
Sindh Total 19%
Kpk 11.5%
Baluchistan 6%
Northern Areas and Federally Administered Tribal Areas 4%
AJK 2%

Federal Public Service Commission will hold the Competitive Examination (CSS) -2018, for recruitment to post in BS-17 in various occupational groups /services under the federal Government from 15th February, 2018.All aspirants may apply online for CSS Competitive Examination -2018 during the period 1st October to 31st October 2017, followed by submission of hard copy of online form and documents as per procedure stipulated in rule 7 of the CSS CE Rules 2018. Once selected they go to the academies which enriches them with skills required by the Government officers to efficiently deliver basic public service to the citizens in a proficient manner. So if you have astuteness, intellect, commonsense, creativity, leadership qualities, communication skills, team-spirit, and have a dynamic personality, then Civil Service probably is the right career path for you.