Girls Are Always Considered As Crass

Girls Are Always Considered As Crass

Approximately half of the world has mold itself in a way to think that girls are having no feelings or they are doltish.

Neither no one try to value the feelings nor thinks her worthy of anything, just personally discern about it, are we crossing through a right path? Is this alright to devaluate the most precious thing of all in the world that gets it adjusted in all the circumstances without remonstrating.

Girls are always considered as crass

If we glimpse around us we get to mark many examples of not taking a girl into account of notability.  Girl may be a daughter, wife, mother, whatsoever role she has been assigned she tries to muddle through adeptly to perform every duty in a positive way while contemplating it as liability on her shoulders.  She sacrifices a lot, even it is better to utter that it seems as she has born to sacrifice at every step of life.

From beginning to the very end of her life she doesn’t try to offend someone nor does she do anything on her own initiative. But the raised point is, what she gets in consideration of her long haul? Nothing!! Not every girl is daring enough to speak out about her needs and desires but in reality she wants to get something in return of her hard work. If you value her a little you will espy her facing jeopardy situations for the sake of you and if you devalue her you will observe her as the strong opponent of yours.  

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She is the one who surrenders her youth, love, desires, her everything in order to please everyone but still she gets not a single thing in return.  Everyone think about her doings like if she is naturally allotted to her tasks, well first is, no one has naturally assigned to some errands, Second is, she is a girl not a machine nor a caretaker of your feelings, if she is elated to do all that stuff to please you then take it as your providential. It is not a sin to consider her valuable if she is abandoning everything to amuse you.  Do try to observe her exertions before she stop doing it.

Author: Zara Mansoor Islamabad