A Star That We Lost

A Star That We Lost

He was not a man but an angel for the kids, he was not a man but a blessing for the poor, he was not a human but humanity in itself!

Abdul Sattar Edhi
A star that we lost

He was none other than Abdul Sattar Edhi who devoted his life for the welfare of society at large! He was a Muslim but worked beyond religious considerations because he believed that humanity was above any religion. A man with a golden heart is no more with us but his services and hard work will be an asset for Pakistan. He was the son of a woman who brought him up teaching to spend on others. He was indeed a rich man who died poor.

The grief of losing the champion of humanity cannot be expressed in words. He returned where he belonged to, but left us all in a state of distress making us feel alone and unprotected. His death has left us in a state of despair and trauma but we can continue making this world a better place for all to live because Edhi has left a message for us saying that take care of the poor, helpless and needy lot of this country.

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The man is no more but the message remains alive in heart of every Pakistani! The best a man can do is to leave the world as if he never left and to stay in the hearts as if he was always there! Abdul Sattar Edhi is not a mortal that died but a star which left this world to find its place in the heights of Heavens!

Author: Maham Shah