Online Education Can Be Most Beneficial

Online Education Can Be Most Beneficial

Education may have a crucial role in building up societies and their progression despite the fact that not everyone may have the same access to the quality education.

Thanks to the distance learning education which may make it possible for people to have courses of their choice online in a much flexible manner.

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Online Education Can Be Most Beneficial

When we hear term working as an online instructor the first thing someone may think is flexibility; though in reality teaching online may be as challenging as delivering lessons otherwise. In-fact; issues evolve around online teaching might be different than those meet in an on-ground environment. The focus of this article is to discuss some of the skills require to be an online instructor. Time management. Time management may always be an important factor in either case. However, due to the nature of online course delivery, it may be crucial to have an organized time pattern.  In traditional online course delivery we may be aware of the class time and normally receive class schedule. Whilst in an online mode some time things may be a bit different partially due to the flexible nature of the program itself. Thus, it may be reasonable to have a well planned schedule ready prior to start delivering an online course. Commitments being the most important as without which it may be difficult to pursue any further as an online instructor. Students may be more flexible in terms of submission or replying to threads etc.

However, teacher may not be as flexible as students; therefore to keep oneself connected with the class as a teacher, more time may need to devote. How does as a teacher one observe students progress may be something which require fully plan aims and objectives, a teaching strategy and be able to summarize concluding remarks reflecting students weaknesses and strength of a topic being discussed. Course material development. The way we deliver an online course may involve different teaching materials and styles then in an on-ground one. These differences may be due to the way how these courses are conducted? Therefore, a special consideration may be given when developing a course material for an online program.  It may be good if a modulator or a course tutor may give comments on each of the response to a thread related to the module being studied.  Students who reply to any thread might not have the same level of subject knowledge as the course tutor itself.  One other alternative may be a summarize response by the subject tutor as the concluding remarks. 

Feedback mechanism may be connected with a designed course material and careful thoughts may be given as to how potential students may be guided in an online teaching program. Availability of the relevant teaching material related for each individual topic of the module may be crucial. This may not be limited to reference books etc. The methodology of presentation in an on ground class may be filled with a short downloadable tutor written notes to offer personalized teaching. Assessments. What alternative methods of assessments are available may be an important aspect. Assessment through course work may serves but there may be certain limitations that why perhaps not all modules understanding on students side may be explored through course work assessment only. Thus, as an online instructor it may be important to pay some time in thinking about alternative assessments strategy. Additional support. Pastoral care may be an essential part of a quality teaching.

How this could be dealt in an online environment may be off interest to know.  Someone whose study progress can otherwise be observed in a physical present in an on-ground class may not be guaranteed to receive the same attention in an online teaching environment.  What mechanism to be taken on board may be something interesting to learn and adopt. Network of peers. Teaching may be both contributing and learning. Contribution may be through what one offers and one may learn from what one observes and develops in due course. Peers in this context may play an important role where one may share thinking and experiences and may gain the same from others. An instructor through positive academic activities may always encourage others to follow thus may make a stable and last longing contributions for both the staff’s and students. In addition an effective collaboration with peer networks may also open broad spectrum of further research and new innovations. Some time discussion leads to a place where new ideas may emerge which may enhance teaching offer to the assigned class.

Author: Dr. Humayun Bakht