Young Homeless People

Young Homeless People

Home gives not only symbolization of physical accommodation but also make representation of a midpoint of action, basics of individuality, association with past, aims for individual and collective growth and progress and an conceptual position of human being. 

Homelessness has not clear cut definition. However, it’s a major social problem which is enlarging over the time of period. Homelessness is a big social problem all over the world.

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There are different reason of that a person become homelessness. In Pakistan 2005 earthquake most of the families become temporary homelessness. Every year flood came in the Northern areas in Pakistan which causes of most families become homelessness. Since 1980s, the phenomenon of young generation homeless population has grown up. Furthermore, intersection between homelessness poverty and unemployment has been identifies as one of the leading social problem whole over the world. Now recently this issue becomes more dangerous for the society just like, theft, terrorist etc. however, poverty is also a major factor to become homeless for the society because the lower family cannot pay any bill or cannot afford rent. Economic decline families condition which more people become homelessness. Young homeless people are one side positive and other may be negative. In all over the world both concepts are appropriate. An individual homeless person does not have any specific place to stay at night. Homeless does not have an urban issues, it all around of the world even developed countries also face this issues. However, fast growing of urbanization in Pakistan, lack of house facilities are consequences of urbanization and sub urbanization, people move rural to urban for earn for their livelihood.

Furthermore, due to the growth of population in the urban city; they agricultural land reduce and also a poor person cannot afford to pay rent of the house even though most of the family migrate because of the better opportunities, like education, clean water system, job opportunities etc.  In this world, every society has different social problems which are in need to solve. However, the problem of the homeless people is most miserable and seems too fundamental for solving and said problem has reached the edge of dangerous alarm. In our Pakistan, now the number of homeless people is crossing the line of 1.6 million in 2009. Pakistan has a different problem about the homeless which is much serious that Pakistan 90% population is not aware about the sad problem of homelessness youth. 

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There are a lot of places where the homeless people stay.  Some are the following areas where most of the homeless people are staying in the Lahore especially Data Darbar. Data Dabar is a famous holy place of great Sufi saint Hazrat Ali Hajveri. The homelessness people are stay on this place because of available free food and on the front of many footpath where homelessness people easily stay on the night. Food and shelter are basic needs of a person, which are easily available in this place. However, due to some others problems, a young person to sleep at public place, like drug edict, theft, homosexuality, criminal groups also take shelter in these places etc.

People do not have the security of life, property or anything else. Their social and economical life has been badly affected by the young homeless people activities. At present, it is a major social issue of our society. Homeless is a complex phenomenon to understand because the population is heterogeneous and dynamics varies from society to society. According to sociology its definition is divided into two dimensions; one is social disaffiliation and the other is residential impermanence. In social disaffiliation that your connection with the society is weak, as the result anonymity creates in person’s personality which leads towards the threat to identification and personality disorders. For example persons who are victim of drug addiction, they take drug twice a day but the society in which family is an institution does not allow you to do that and so individuals leave home. Furthermore, family and morale of society are not accepting this unethical proceed, it is also a big economic loss in this era especially for poor families where time and money in most important part of survival. Similarly, if your father got married at the age of 60 when it is your age to be get married so you left your home as according to your father did an act which is unacceptable to you.

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Types of homeless

There are a lot of issues that young age group depart their families or residence. Homeless is a circumstance in that an individual run off their home such as to be substandard in shelter because they cannot manage to pay for rent, sexuality, drug addiction, grip in immoral actions and etc. There are three domain categories of homeless that is primary, secondary, and tertiary homeless. Primary homeless have no housing to sleep at night, they use sleep for night at public place or park. Secondary homeless they are temporarily living one place, they are changing their shelter one place to another. Territory homeless includes people who are residing in board communities for a medium to long term period and lacking separate facilities of their own. 

Life cycle of youth homeless

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Homeless people are homeless because they are lazy and ignorant. However, one million population became homeless every year due to others reasons. Homeless people find shelter in public housing. Due to the lack of money people cannot afford the rent and stay on the road without any shelter in the winter or summer season. While most of the homeless people experience such as lack of affordable housing and long waiting for associated housing mean that many women and their children are focused to choice between abuse at home and life on the streets.  Poverty and homeless both are linked closed.

Families become homeless when they are under stress due to the poverty and unemployment and also they cannot afford to fulfill their basic needs and so on. Poverty is linked with cause and consequence of homeless. People living close to the poverty line are at constant risk of homeless due to the housing stress. Similarly with the economic disparities it is hard to sustain society at certain level, so lack of accessibility towards opportunities poverty line increase. Societal factor also major issues to become homeless, such as labeling the disable person whose leave their house under depression, unemployed person, smokers, mentally ill, etc. Abuse and family background are the largest cause of youth homeless. People fall in love or sexual abuse than they choose to leave to their house and live on the road and become homeless. Families neglect the drug addict person and do not feel emotion than that person choose to leave their house and they become homeless.  Every year a lot of families become homeless after the flood duration but they are temporary homeless. Personal disabilities also effect the person achievement and thus they go away from their home and become homeless such as drug problems, substance abuse, mental illness or physical weakness etc.

Author: Farah Agha