In Pakistan,peace is nowhere on the horizon

In Pakistan,peace is nowhere on the horizon

In Pakistan,peace is nowhere on the horizon

Pakistan is going through its perilous times as the growing terrorism and ethnicity has hit hard the country both economically and politically. The socio-economic fabric of the society is divaricated thus threatening the very foundations of the society.

Political uncertainity further deteriorated the already miserable situation the country. On the northern side, we are dealing with the terrorists, while our south is witnessing the massacare of the innocent in the name of ethnic conlicts. Western province is allegedly supporting the separatist movement and Punjab is in the folds of extremist religious organization who are endangering the minorities and sectarian identities. Along with all of this, the energy crises, unemployment, and inflation are making people insane and psychological patients.

Sincere efforts by the government are strongly needed so that the nation can be brought back to the way of peace and prosperity.Pakistan is going through the most turbulent times in her history of six decades. The country in now stricken with the evils of terrorism, corruption, extremism, ethnic conflicts, provincialism and, above all, poor law and order situation which is accompanied by deteriorating economic conditions. All the said factors have contributed in one way or another to sweep the peace from the country named Pakistan. Geographically, Pakistan is located at a very important position which make it blue-eyed child in the eyes of the major powers. And, it, Pakistan is composed of the diversified society having many ethnic groups and lingual identities.

Instead of providing solidarity, this diversification is the main cause of poor peace situation in the country. This summer, Karachi, the economic capital of the country, and the Balochistan, the largest province of the country, are once again home to ethnic and sectarian conflicts which are of gigantic nature. The peace keepers of these provinces, MQM, ANP, PPP, are at loggerheads and promoting ethnicity for their selfish political interests. Supreme Court of the Pakistan once passed a statement regarding this and the Chief Justice is reported to have said that the stakes of the political parties are the reason of the miserable peace in the country.

In Karachi, nearly 200 people were died in the month of July alone and according to a report average of 20-25 people died per day. Similarly, the issue of Balochistan is no different to that. There, Shia community is the victim of the sectarian attacks. Bomb blast, target killing and extortion cases have become a normal day affair of the province. Recent killings of the Shia cum Hazara Community put a serious question mark on the “Peace in Pakistan”. This is not the end, the most miserable and unexpected environment is in the northern areas of the country where the Pakistan Army is doing with the terrorist by launching its operation.

Swat and Waziristan were the areas fully controlled by the militant. Although situation is now a bit better but the retaliation of those terrorist has came to us in form of increased suicide attack in the metropolitans of the Pakistan. More thatn 30 thousand people has become victim of the war on terror and among these majority belongs to the innocent people who didn’t know even for what reason they were killed. The only remaining province of the Pakistan is Punjab who is facing a dilute impact of all this but couldn’t keep itself aloof from the affects of the extremism. Relatively peaceful province faced the most tragic incident of Badami Bagh in which the minorities’ houses were set on fire. Bomb blasts, kidnapping and typical “Thana culture” of the province is posing serious threats to the peaceful reign of the people.

On the economic end, people are living a poor life and uncertain economic activities. There are energy crises, food scarcity, water shortage, gas supply cut off and growing inflammation. All the said factors are now making nation a psycho-type which is evident from the growing rate of suicide and domestic violence.  This plight of people demands utmost attention and devotion so that the ill effects can be curtailed and the nation can be put on the path of peace, love and harmony. Currently, we cannot find peace in Pakistan because the perquisites are not available.

Government of Pakistan should consider the gravity of the problem and should take effective measures like law enforcement, apolitical police department, educational revolution, political stability and economic reforms so that the normal people can be empowered enough not to fall prey to the hands of those who perpetuate violence and extremism. That’s how we can put our nation on the road of peace, prosperity and development. We have potential to make our diversified culture a source of our strength, all we need is dedication, devotion and will. – Arslan Waheed